Bath public water line project delayed by supply issues

by Trish Rudder

The Town of Bath is ready for the water line replacement project to begin but getting the supplies for the job has been an issue.

Bath Councilman Chris Chapman said on February 15 that at the February 9 pre-construction meeting, he learned that getting the supplies has been an issue and the job will more likely start in the summer since the supplies are slow to arrive.

Town Recorder Susan Webster asked if the supplies ordered were made in America. Chapman who chairs the town water department, the Berkeley Springs Water Works (BSWW), said the piping comes from Texas.

He said there are all sorts of problems – “we are not the only ones – you can’t get product,” Chapman said.

The contractor, Pro Contracting Inc. said it could take three months to get the product, Chapman said.

He said once all the necessary materials for the project have been acquired, a notice to proceed will be issued. The contractor then has 180 days from the notice to proceed issue date to complete the work.

Completing Phase 4 of the water line replacement project involves Berryville, Johnson Mill Rd., Merrywoods Dr., and Cornelius Ave. areas.

The project started moving forward with the approval of a Small Cities Block Grant of $1.5 million in December 2018. The BSWW had kept $500,000 in its Reserve and Replacement account to round out the $2 million estimated project cost.

The estimated cost to replace the lines in the four designated areas is $1,908,425, Chapman said last week.