181 county residents have active COVID; schools will require masks next week

According to the West Virginia DHHR COVID map, 181 Morgan County residents have active cases of the respiratory disease as of Friday morning, September 17.

In late June, The Morgan Messenger reported that  just 15 county residents had active cases of the virus.

Current COVID cases are reported in all age groups, which is a change in who had become infected with the virus previously. As of Friday, cases had been confirmed in the following age groups: Ages 0-4 (3 cases), Ages 5-11 (10 cases), Ages 12-15 (8 cases), Ages 16-20 (12 cases), Ages 21-25 (11 cases), Ages 26-30 (3 cases), Ages 31-40 (7 cases), Ages 42-50 (16 cases), Ages 51-60 (13 cases), Ages 61-70 (18 cases) and over 71 (23 cases).

On Friday, state health officials reported 28 county deaths were attributed to COVID-19, up two deaths from earlier in the week.

As a result of the high rate of virus transmission locally, students and staff in Morgan County’s public schools will be required to wear masks all of next week, health and school officials announced Friday.