Superheroes swoop into Hancock

by Geoff Fox

Since the 1930’s, people with super powers or abilities have been captivating the imagination of kids and adults alike with their adventures.

This past Saturday, April 6, superheroes were at Hancock Middle-Senior High School for a Superhero Party fundraiser for the Hancock Panther Band.

Little Iron Man (Brady Baldridge) got to meet Iron Man (Tom DeShong) at the Superhero Party at Hancock Middle-Senior High School on Saturday, April 6. The party was a fundraiser for the High School band.

Iron Man, Superman, Batman, The Incredibles, Thor, Catwoman, two Supergirls, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 52, Captain Marvel, Spiderman and Spidergirl, Batgirl, and Ghostbusters were on hand to take pictures, read stories, and help with activities.

Kids were dressed as their favorite superheroes such as Antman, Batman, Batgirl, Transformers, Thor, The Flash, Spiderman, Captain America, and more, went from the activities in the Community Gym to the activities in the main gym and cafeteria having fun with the games, making masks, and having snacks.

Some of the games were a Hulk Smash where kids wore Hulk gloves and punched coffee cans, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle garbage can ring toss, obstacle course, and others.

Kids were also given superhero names and certificates as they entered the party. Pre-sale had over 50 kids sign up with more paying at the door.

Isabella Wehr throws Captain America’s shield toward a stack of cans in one of the many activities for kids at the Superhero Party.

Band Director Susan Mott said kids were coming from not only Hancock, but other places like Fulton County, Flintstone, Clear Spring, and Berkeley Springs.

The party itself came about from a princess party the North Hagerstown Choir held and Hancock wanting to include both boys and girls in a fun event.

“We kind of took their idea and just turned it into a Superhero Party for here,” Mott said.

While the real Batman is out protecting Gotham City, Superman protecting Metropolis, and the other superheroes protecting their cities, there had to be stand-ins.

The superheroes who stood in for the real ones were teachers, students, friends, family members, or others who contacted Mott who wanted to participate.

It wasn’t a spoiler for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie, but Iron Man was in full costume as Tom DeShong wore the costume in place of Tony Stark.

The Ghostbusters Tri-State Division handled any paranormal activity.

Mott said work on the party has been going on since January with all the activities going on.

Mott said there were also items for sale and students decided what those items would be.

Band boosters were also part of the equation as well.

Mott said the boosters took care of the concessions and also helped put the games together.

“Lots and lots of booster participation and student participation,” Mott said.

Mott said the entire party was a community effort with advertising in the newspaper, social media, and word of mouth.