State park Old Roman bathhouse closed for renovations

The Old Roman bath building in Berkeley Springs State Park is closed for planned renovations and upgrades. Park officials hope the baths will be reopened by the start of summer. Roman baths are still open at the main park bathhouse.

Orange fencing marks off a construction area in Berkeley Springs State Park around the Old Roman Bath building .

Visitors to the park will see an area around the Old Roman building blocked off with orange fencing, and a new wooden temporary bridge built over the run in the park to let the public access the water fountains during construction.

“We are very excited about the renovations for the Old Roman. A few of the highlights are a boiler replacement, which will allow us to fill multiple tubs at a time. This will also give us the capability to service more guests in a day,” said Jamie Foltz, spa manager.

Contractors will be installing a check valve system that park officials expect to protect the facility during flooding.

Foltz said the system will prevent water backing up into the tubs if the ground water level is high or there is flooding. That was the case several times in 2018.

“We had to close multiple days this summer due to tubs not being able to drain and backing up,” she said.

Contractor will also be installing a handicap accessible bathroom and a handicap accessible tub with benches built in.

Foltz said tiles in the tubs will be replaced and lighting and painting will also be upgraded. The lobby area will be expanded with the possibility of a retail area there.

“They will also be replacing the windows on the first floor to be period correct, patching of exterior brick, and replacing gutters,” said Foltz.

Electrical and HVAC systems will be upgraded as well.

Park officials said the public can still access water fountains next to the Old Roman Bath building using park walkways and a temporary bridge.

Many people fill large containers of water at the fountains for drinking water.