State aims for May opening of Cacapon addition

by Kate Shunney

Cacapon State Park Superintendent Scott Fortney last week said contractors, state officials and park staff are looking ahead to a possible May 2020 opening of the park’s

A new northern lodge addition at Cacapon State Park is under roof and quickly being enclosed.

new 78-room lodge addition.

The three-story structure is largely under roof, and some windows have been installed in guest rooms. Steel partitions are up separating the rooms on the upper floors. A hallway from the main lodge will take guests to the northern lodge addition from the ground floor. The current conference room entrance will become the park lodge’s main entrance during renovations and construction.

On the ground floor of the northern lodge, an area has been dug for a new indoor swimming pool and a nearby Jacuzzi.

Fortney said a large patio area will stretch along the lower level from a lounge/eating area along the pool section and to the north corner of the building. A

An upper hallway in Cacapon’s north lodge is framed in with doorways to 78 new guest rooms.

lower patio area will hold a fire pit and more outdoor seating.

Cacapon State Park will need to add dozens more staff members to manage additional guests and conference activities once the new lodge section opens, said Fortney. Park staff are meeting now with state officials to project forward about what they’ll need to accommodate a larger influx of guests.

Once the final roof surface is in place, contractors will kick off interior finishing work this winter.

Other park upgrades

Cacapon is not only in the midst of the $26 million lodge addition/renovation project, the park is also in the midst of upgrades to their water and wastewater systems. Drainage improvements to the park’s golf course are being designed and should be bid out soon, said Fortney.

Since last spring, contractors have been upgrading the heating, cooling, kitchens, interiors and furnishings in all of the park’s 31 cabins. Fortney said there are four cabins left to finish – all will be done by January. Contractor W. Harley Miller has done the renovation work. Fortney said the state has spent $1.2 million on the upgrades, not include furniture.

By February, all furnishings in Cacapon’s cabins will be replaced with furniture from Gat Creek, made in Berkeley Springs. The furnishings include dining tables and chairs, side tables, couches, side chairs and beds.

In the spring, all sidewalks and parking areas around the cabins will be repaved, Fortney said.