School policies updated; Extension Office gets funding

by Kate Evans
The Morgan County School Board held a second reading and adoption of the following policies at their March 3 meeting: sabbatical leave for professional educators and teachers’ aides, surviving spouse use of deceased spouse personal leave, job-related expenses, leave time for organ donation, audits, uniform records and accounts, system of accounting, authorization to make electronic fund transfers, FMLA leave and early notification of retirement-professional personnel and service personnel.
Additional first second reading policies that were adopted are children and youth in foster care, school report card-delete, crowd funding-revised, personal leave-revised, vending machines, parental leave act, defining qualifications for professional personnel, promotion of school board effectiveness, definitions, technology, staff technology acceptable use and safety and use of social media.

Extension Service

The Morgan County School Board approved the memorandum of agreement with the West Virginia University Cooperative Extension Service and the County Extension Service Committee at the meeting.
The school board also approved a $3,320 request from the Morgan County Extension Office.  The money will fund $2,000 in travel expenses, $1,000 in office supplies and $320 in maintenance and repair expenses. The funds are remaining monies from a previous special levy call that were earmarked for the agency.  The Extension Office has been very frugal with the money remaining in its account. It no longer receives funding under the special levy.


2020 Census representative Steven Swingle also dressed the school board at their meeting.  He wanted to partner with the schools to get information out about the census and encourage people to log onto the U.S. Census Bureau 2020 Census website after April 1 and take the census.
Census results determine how much federal funding comes to states and communities for health clinics, schools, fire departments and roads and highways, according to the 2020 Census website.