School board elects officers and chooses committee representatives

by Kate Evans
At their July 2 regular meeting, Morgan County School Board vice-president Aaron Close was elected to a two-year term as board president from July 1, 2016 through June 30. Board member Laura Smith nominated Close for the position and Pete Gordon seconded it. Close abstained from the 4-0 vote.
School board members John Rowland and Gordon both received nominations for school board vice-president from board members Smith and Close respectively. Rowland’s nomination for vice-president was considered first but the vote failed 2-3 with Smith and Rowland voting for it.
Gordon’s nomination for board vice-president then passed with a 3-2 vote with Close, Gordon and new board member Eric Lyda voting for Gordon. Gordon will serve a two-year term as vice-president from July 1 through June 30, 2020.
Committee appointments
The school board also approved their annual organizational designations and advisory committee appointments at the meeting.
Board members chose to remain on the boards and committees to which they were appointed two years ago and also served on last year. All appointments are for two-year terms that will also run from July 1 through June 30, 2020.
Board members Close and Rowland continue to serve on the building and grounds advisory committee.
Board members Smith and Rowland will remain on the athletics committee.
Board member Lyda will join Gordon on the curriculum and instruction committee.
Both Gordon and Lyda will serve on the community relations committee which is being restructured into a strategic planning committee at the suggestion of School Superintendent Erich May.
Additional designations
Gordon said that he would be honored to continue serving on the James Rumsey Technical Institute Administrative Council and was also happy to continue serving on the Morgan County Fair Board.
Lyda agreed to serve on the EPIC Council that replaces the RESA 8 Council.
Close continues serving on the Morgan County Parks and Recreation Board. He is currently its president.
Rowland remains on the Community Corrections Board and also the Morgan County Extension Service Board, on which he was enthusiastic to continue serving.
Smith will continue as the school board representative on the Morgan County Partnership’s board of directors.
Board committee comments
May said he was going to bring suggestions for the committees’ descriptions and purposes to the board for their review at either the July 17 or the July 31 meeting to revise their organizational bylaws policy 0150. He noted that the current bylaw just lists the committee names.
May felt the advisory board committees should meet quarterly to increase communications with administration and with the public.
The board supported his recommendation of each committee having a defined purpose.  Close felt the policy change should also list what other people should serve on each committee.
Rowland said the committees only met as needed before-once or twice a year-and thought the change would make them more efficient.
Close said they needed a building and grounds committee meeting which was set for July 12.
Travel approved
The school board also approved registration, travel, and lodging for Close to attend the July 20-21 West Virginia School Board Association Presidents Retreat at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis.