Recount set in Hancock election


Ballots cast in the April 19 municipal election in Hancock will be recounted on Wednesday, April 28, in Town Hall at 7 p.m. One of the council candidates — Tim Boyer —  filed a petition requesting the recount on Saturday, April 24.

Boyer, an incumbent, lost his re-election bid by one vote in a tight race for two council seats.The top three vote getters – Misty Cubbage, Leo Murray, and Boyer – were separated by one vote each. As of election night, Cubbage had pulled in 156 votes, Murray had 155 votes and Boyer had received 154 votes. The next closest candidate, David Kerns, got 142 votes in the April 19 election. A total of 335 ballots were cast in the election.

The recount is a public meeting and the public may observe, but not participate in the process on Wednesday.

The count will tally votes cast for both the mayor and council seats.

According to town officials, the ballots will be handled directly by the town’s attorney who will read the votes to three — or up to four — vote counters.

These counters will consist of the members of the ad hoc board of election supervisors, if they are available. If they aren’t, the mayor can appoint other citizens to obtain a minimum of three vote counters.

The recount will continue until there is an agreement as to the vote tally among all vote counters.

The town attorney will determine the validity of any ballot.

Outgoing Mayor Ralph Salvagno said because of how close the voting, the cost for the recount would fall to the town. Under normal circumstances, should the vote total go unchanged, the candidate filing the petition would pay the cost.

A new mayor and council are set to be sworn in on Monday, May 3.