Question about Fulton donation resurfaces; mayor says money is for “good of the town”

by Geoff Fox

Former councilman and runner-up in last month’s municipal election Nigel Dardar came before Hancock officials to raise issue with a $150,000 donation to the town by the late Stanley Fulton a few years ago.

Dardar said former councilman Levi Little had been “leading the charge” in returning the money to Fulton’s family. The money, he said, was to be used toward the repair of the town’s old pool.

“It’s time to lay this matter to rest,” Mayor Ralph Salvagno said.

The mayor said the town was, indeed, the recipient of the money, but it was not specifically dedicated for the pool. There was no discussion about returning the money, Salvagno said.

Fulton donated the money to the town in 2015, and according to an August Hancock News article that year, Town Manager David Smith said Fulton had donated the check as a way to give back to the kids of Hancock.

In the years of discussions that followed regarding pool repairs and construction of a new municipal pool, the Fulton donation was mentioned as being for that project.

There has been no real discussion of returning the money, Salvagno said at the February 13 council meeting.

“It was for the good of the town and its citizens and it will be used as such,” he said.

Dardar said there are differences of opinions on the matter. Salvagno replied that people have expressed things that may not be factual, “but that’s the way it stands.”

Dardar said former councilman Levi Little sat at a council meeting and said the money would be returned if not used for a pool.

“That’s Mr. Little’s personal opinion about things, but he is no longer with the council and I will tell you that as of now, that is not a consideration,” Salvagno said. “If someone wants to bring it forward, that’s fine, but let’s move on.”