Paw Paw parade winners announced

Paw Paw’s parade committee named the top entries in the 61st William H. Horton Memorial Day Parade, held on Saturday, May 29.

Grand Prize — Mountaineer Partisan’s Ranger’s Camp.

Marching Units

1st Place: Tri State Honor Guard.


1st Place: Paw Paw Methodist Church,

2nd Place: Lighthouse Assembly of God Church,

3rd Place: Paw Paw Church of Christ.

Special Entries

1st Place: Larry Brown & golf cart,

2nd Place: Paw Paw Senior Center

3rd Place: Purple Cow soft serve.

Decorated Vehicles

1st Place: Stoney Creek Store,

2nd Place: Belinda Shingleton,

3rd Place:Paw Paw Lions Club.

Antique/Specialty Vehicles

1st Place: Randy Hiett 1922 Model T,

2nd Place: Zach Garris 94 Jurassic Park Jeep.

Equestrian Participant

1st Place: Katelynn Reese,

2nd Place: Ambrie Stone,

3rd Place: Bailee Saville.