Myers Road traffic light needs power

by Kate Evans

The four-way Myers Road traffic light was installed in late November but is not yet operational. District Five Construction Engineer Daniel Watts said that the contractor is still waiting for the power service to be provided for the traffic light. The light is located on U.S. 522 at the intersection with Myers Road near Widmyer Elementary and the Dollar General store.

Watts said in an email that he didn’t have a definite date for power to be provided but he anticipated it would be mid-January.

Immediately following the power connection, the traffic lights will be placed on flash for approximately one week before becoming functional, he noted.

Work that was completed after the late November delivery of the traffic signal was placement of the signal heads, wiring and the signal controller. All that remains of the work now is for the power company to provide service. Turn lanes and road widening have already been completed for the project.

Ken Clohan, West Virginia Division of Highways District 5 Traffic Engineer, said earlier that the Myers Road project is a four-way traffic light with signal heads in all directions. The traffic light will have left turn lanes with left turn arrows for traffic that’s going northbound and southbound from U.S. Route 522 to turn onto Myers Road. The light will also have timing changes to accommodate the school bus rush.