Morgan County Schools’ inclement weather plan shared

With the approach of winter weather, Morgan County Schools Superintendent Kristen Tuttle announces the following information concerning the delaying, closing or early dismissal of school because of inclement weather.

The Transportation Department is responsible for assessing and monitoring road and weather conditions. The assessment includes inspecting road conditions, reviewing temperatures and related factors, and communicating with transportation staff, emergency operations staff, the highway department, neighboring schools districts, and weather services.

Taking into account current conditions and forecasts, the Transportation Department will advise the Superintendent if school should be delayed, dismissed early or closed.

When changes are made to the regular school day, that information will go out by robocall, through traditional media, and on Facebook.

It is important that families keep their phone numbers up to date since the district will be relying heavily on School Messenger. Delays and closures will be announced on five television channels – WDVM (NBC) 25, WUSA (CBS) 9, WTTG (FOX) 5, WRC (NBC) 4 and WJLA (ABC) 7 – and six radio stations – WDHC 92.9, WUSQ 102.5, WFRB 105.3, WINC 92.5, WTLF 97.5 and WICL 95.9.

When school is delayed, all schools and buses will operate two (2) hours later than the normal schedule.

The Transportation Department will continue to monitor roads and weather forecasts and communicate with various agencies and transportation staff. If conditions have not improved, the Superintendent will be notified if it is necessary to close school and another announcement will be made by the means listed above.

On some days, school will be held, but buses may not travel their entire route because of road conditions. The bus operator and Transportation Director are responsible for determining any particular sections of a route that will not be run.

The Transportation Director will attempt to notify parents by phone and will provide an announcement to the local media whenever a bus is not going to travel the entire run. Snow emergency routes are posted on our website

The early dismissal of school may occur if weather and road conditions begin to deteriorate during the school day. Athletic events, extracurricular activities, practices, and after school programs will be cancelled when there is an early dismissal or school is closed.

Exceptions may occur if conditions improve and the instructor or coach has permission of the school principal in consultation with the Superintendent.

For additional information or questions, contact the Transportation Department at 304-258-2430, extension 2053.