Maryland couple arrested after passing out in Liberty parking lot

by Lisa Schauer

A Cumberland pair arrested in Paw Paw on Wednesday, June 16 and charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin.  Brady A. Twigg, 28, and Clarissa M. Twigg, 24, of Cumberland, Md. face those charges after being found unconscious in a vehicle at a local gas station.

According to a criminal complaint filed in the Morgan County Magistrate’s Court, staff at the Liberty station flagged down a Paw Paw Police car at 8:48 p.m. The staff advised Town of Paw Paw Patrolman Timothy Harthun there was a dark blue SUV Jeep in the middle of the parking lot with the driver slumped over and not moving.

The officer found an unconscious female, later identified as Clarissa Twigg, behind the wheel and woke her by yelling and grabbing her shoulder. A male, later identified as Brady Twigg, was also unconscious in the passenger seat and woke at the same time.

EMS arrived and the couple refused medical attention, the police report said. Harthun allegedly saw white powder and drug paraphernalia on the floorboard, searched the vehicle and found 150-200 capsules with a white substance in sandwich bags.

Patrolman Harthun arrested the couple for possessing suspected heroin with the intent to distribute the drug. The Twiggs were released on a $2,500 bond each and are awaiting trial.  Mr. Twigg is on supervised parole in Maryland.