ISC approved to assist food stamp clients with applications

by Geoff Fox

Those Hancock residents who are eligible for the food stamp, or SNAP, program no longer have to make a trip to Hagerstown to apply for food stamps.

According to Interfaith Service Coalition Director Deb Cohill, the group has become certified as a community based organization (CBO), which will allow ISC to assist clients complete and submit SNAP applications.

Members of the community who need to apply for the public assistance can come in and apply in Hancock. Clients should call Cohill at 301-331-6605 to schedule an appointment.

“We can save them the trip to Hagerstown,” Cohill said.

“It’s not an extremely lengthy project, but I would say we should have at least an hour,” Cohill said.

The length is due to all the documents to scan and “typical application process.”

Cohill said the DHHR will contact applicants to tell them if they’ve qualified for help.

Clients who want to get help in Hancock but want to do so in privacy can contact the ISC and set up off-hour or evening appointments as well as weekend appointments to help them.

“I don’t have a problem doing that,” she said.