Hancock man charged in domestic, police scuffle

A Hancock man was arrested on Sunday after being charged for domestic battery and obstructing an officer.

Charles K. Knable III, of Stein Road, was taken into custody by Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies who responded to a domestic incident on Pious Ridge on Mother’s Day.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Morgan County Magistrate Court, Deputy Richard Cook located Knable after interviewing the victim and recording her injuries.

When police attempted to take Knable into custody, the suspect spit at officers multiple times. After being placed in the police vehicle, Knable allegedly kicked the cruiser’s windows, got his handcuffed hands in the front of his body and knocked a deputy’s body camera and uniform medals off during a scuffle. During transport to the Eastern Regional Jail, Knable got free from restraints in the police vehicle and officers from Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department had to assist in restraining him again, the criminal complaint said.

Deputy Cook was assisted by Deputies Chris Roper and Deputy Bradley Knotts in the incident.

Knable is free on a $10,000 bond.