Governor creates teams to tackle roadwork conditions, site to monitor road bond work

Gov. Jim Justice and the West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) on Monday introduced two new initiatives that engage the public in state road projects.

Gov. Justice has formed a Highways Response Team called SWAT. It stands for Safety With Action Today.

“It’s an initiative for citizens and visitors of West Virginia to report issues regarding state roads. The Highways Response Team will be a go-to for reporting concerns,” said Gov. Justice.

After a request is submitted, someone with WVDOT will respond to the concern within one business day. They will then investigate the problem, make a determination and send a response within one week.

Requests can be made for roadwork in areas of West Virginia by calling 1-833-WV-ROADS or by completing a form online at or emailing

Tracking highway projects

Justice also on Monday launched the Drive Forward WV website. The goal is to provide information and transparency as the state works on more than 600 projects covered by the Roads to Prosperity program.

Citizens will be able to see where projects are located, start and end dates, and the estimated cost of each project.

“The Road to Prosperity program is the centerpiece of my vision for West Virginia’s economic recovery. On this site, you will see the impact Roads to Prosperity has on job growth and road rehabilitation and construction,” Gov. Justice said.

Drive Forward WV will also link to the WVDOT jobs page.

“We need people working on these projects. One of the main goals of the Roads to Prosperity program is to bring jobs to West Virginia and spark economic growth.”

The new Drive Forward WV website ( will also link visitors to the roadwork request system with the SWAT Highways Response Team.