Farmer’s Market opens with new flow

The Berkeley Springs Farmer’s Market opened their 2020 season on Sunday, April 25 undaunted by rain or new public health restrictions. Within the first two hours, market staff had already counted 150 market customers.

A customer at Sunday’s Farmer’s Market settles on a plant selection.


Counting customers is part of a new set of regulations the market must abide by to reduce social contact and public interactions between vendors and customers.

The market has moved off Fairfax Street onto the gravel lot behind BB&T bank and St. Vincent de Paul church. Boundaries of the market have been marked off to measure the space so market staff can comply with rules about how many customers can be allowed into a space at one time. Customers are marked off a tally as they leave the market space.

Most vendors were clad in face masks while dealing with customers. Many customers were wearing their own masks, and signs at the market encourage the practice. There are also hand-sanitizing stations at the market for customers and vendors.

On Saturday, six vendors were set up to sell their wares. Two had sold out by noon. On offer were eggs and meat, cheeses, garden plants and flowers, fresh produce, baked goods, sauces and jams.

Market staff said more vendors will fill the outdoor space in coming weeks.

Health regulations will restrict the sale of certain items, and prohibit samples and tastings.

Glascock’s Produce was set up Sunday at the first Berkeley Springs Farmer’s Market on Sunday. Vendors have been shifted onto a gravel lot south of Fairfax Street. Signs tell customers to use masks and use designated entrances and exits.

The Farmer’s Market operates from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in downtown Berkeley Springs.