Explosion and vibration felt in area, no source found

by Geoff Fox

An explosion and vibration felt in northeastern Morgan County and Hancock Monday evening wasn’t reported to emergency agencies but residents in the area wondered what it was.

According to a supervisor at the Washington County 911 Center, there were no calls for any explosions or vibrations during the 6 p.m. hour, which is when the event happened. Morgan County 911 officials said the same – they had heard about the explosion but got no 911 calls about it.

Hancock Police Chief Jim Robison said he heard the sound and vibration at his Hancock home.

Officer Faith received several calls about the sound and shaking, and responded to the 3400 block of Western Pike for a loud noise, but nothing was found.

The explosion and vibration were felt throughout the area in Morgan County, Hancock, and into Fulton County.