Campaign begins in 2019 municipal election

Candidates seeking office in Hancock’s town government can’t post campaign signs until after the holidays, but campaigning has begun in other ways.

Seeking another two-year term as Hancock’s mayor, Dr. Ralph Salvagno will face a second campaign challenge from former councilman Nigel Dardar.

Two seats on the Hancock council are up for grabs during the January 28 election. Five candidates are seeking those two seats, which are currently held by Levi Little and Tim Smith.

Both Little and Smith are seeking re-election to another four-year term on council. They will face a race against David Kerns, Preston Hall and Roland Lanehart Jr. for those seats.

Candidate filing ended on November 29. In order to qualify as municipal candidates, individuals had to have resided in the town limits for at least one year immediately before the election and have to be qualified as voters of the town.

Register to vote by Jan. 3

Town residents have until Thursday, January 3, 2019 at noon to register to vote in the January 28 election. Registration forms for Hancock voters are available at the town office or Post Office.

Voters in the municipal election must be bona fide residents within the corporate limits of the town of Hancock and citizens of the United States, at least 18 years old, and properly registered to vote in the town’s election at the time of election.

Any voter who may be unavoidably absent from the town for any reason on election day or any qualified voter whose physical disability or confinement in or restriction to an institution prevents or will prevent them from being present on election day are able to vote as an absentee voter under the town’s ordinance.

An application for absentee ballots is available for the Hancock Board of Elections Supervisors and can be sought by contacting the Board of Election Supervisors, 126 West High Street, Hancock, Maryland, 21750.

Written requests for the absentee ballot must be received be January 14.