Bypass bidding extended

Bidding by contractors on a proposed U.S. 522 bypass plan has been extended by the West Virginia Division of Highways.

Highways officials had set the bid deadline for September 5, but extended that to September 15, according to online records.

An overview map of the proposed U.S. 522 Bypass is included in bid documents. The project is now open for contractor bidding.

Several contractors have requested that the state extend the bid deadline further, citing missing information on a bypass construction plan.

Contractors can post questions about a highway project plan on the state’s bidding website. Close to 100 questions have been posted about the 522 Bypass plan, seeking more details about different aspects of the project.

Highways officials have posted additional amendments to the bid package to answer some of those questions. Some contractors have said the bid deadline needs to be extended, given the missing details.

DOH officials have not responded to questions about when the construction bids will be opened and evaluated.