Berkeley Springs Book Festival debuts new books, authors this Saturday

The 6th Berkeley Springs Book Festival will be held this Saturday, October 26 at the Ice House in Berkeley Springs.

Twenty-two regional authors with more than 75 titles for sale are showcased at the free one-day event open to the public from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Books range from history, romances and fiction to cookbooks, how-tos and children’s stories.

Several authors are debuting their first book including a pair from Berkeley Springs.   Stacy Schultz presents It’s Stacy’s Grandma ‘Zona’s Recipes and Dr. Bill Lands offers Recipe Repairs: How To Do It and Why We Need It. Susan Wisniewski of Shepherdstown debuts her self-help book Restore Yourself which introduces her Breathe In Light technique. Denise Sullivan Near of Frederick is bringing her educational children’s book Nessie-and-Her-Tisms and Shirley Stuby debuts Come Inside Little Donkey, her children’s picture book.

“It’s an ideal way to both shop local and support local and regional authors,” said Mozier, one of the founders and organizers of the book festival along with poet and author, Kate Shunney. “In addition to our new authors, we have established authors with books for every taste from West Virginia photographs to Civil War stories and a stack of books for kids.”

The Berkeley Springs Book Festival is produced by the Morgan Arts Council.

For more information check online at or call 304-258-2300. The Ice House is located on Independence and Mercer in downtown Berkeley Springs.

Authors list

Bruce Barth – Historic fiction

Sally Brinkmann – Historic fiction, short stories

Roger Engle – Non-fiction stories

Raymond Green – Fiction

Linda Gribko – Fiction

Deborah Hammond – Fiction

Bill Lands – Non-fiction/lifestyle

Randy McDaniel – How-to blacksmithing

Gil Meyer – Fiction

Jeanne Mozier – Fiction, travel, local history

Maureen Mylander – Fiction, non-fiction

Denise Near — Educational

Stacy Schultz – Cookbook

Ed Steers – History

Shirley Stuby – Children’s picture book

Elizabeth Watson – Historical romance, historical fantasy

Edward Underwood –Memoir, fiction

Dan Varona – Anthology/fiction

Melanie Vogel – Children’s books

Lawrence Williams – Children’s books

Susan Wisniewski – Non-fiction/self-help.