Twelve teams of 74 walkers have been participating in the Morgan County Walks challenge during the month of May. Sponsored by the Morgan County Wellness Committee, the event is designed to encourage physical activity and get local residents walking and moving. Two cash prizes will be given, one to the team with the most miles walked during May and the other one will be a random drawing of the teams who walked at least 25 miles during the month. Some local residents who participated in the kickoff event are, first row, left to right, Susan Webster, Misty Stallard, Brittany Fox, Angela Lawrence and Hannah Stewart, and second row, Andy Swaim, Elizabeth Skinner, Carol Reece, Elise Woods, Debra Gidlund and Audrey Morris. Door prize winners at the kickoff event included Jessica Casper, Brittany Fox, Debra Gidlund, Angela Lawrence, Audrey Morris, Carol Reece, Elizabeth Skinner, Misty Stallard, Andy Swaim, Martha Thompson and Susan Webster. Prizes were provided by Change the Future WV, Community Garden Market, Jules, Mt. Laurel Gallery, Portals, Rankins Fitness Center, War Memorial Hospital, Washington Homeopathic Products and Geoffrey Wendel. 73p1.jpg