2018-01-24 / Opinions

When social media & real life meet

Credit where credit is due – social media isn’t all bad. Mostly, but not all.

Last weekend, this editor ran into an unexpected critter on the top of Sleepy Creek Mountain during a Sunday hike. It wasn’t the usual sort of woodsy critter, though, but a rather handsome miniature pony. It didn’t take long to determine he wasn’t really meant to be there in the wildlife management area.

A few pictures posted on social media, and within minutes, a friend recognized the pony as one who had been reported missing the weekend before. Another few clicks on the screen, and the granddaughter of the owner was located. Phone calls narrowed down the pony’s location. By Monday morning, the owners had tracked the little fella on the mountain and wrangled him back into custody.

This is the sort of stuff that happens in small towns all the time, but in this case social media speeded up the process. We have to admit, sometimes scrolling through those pictures and posts isn’t time totally wasted. We’re glad this was one of those times when the real world and social media came together to do something good.

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