2018-01-24 / Letters

Moral fitness

Dear Editor:

Our overall health is the most important asset one may possess. Physical, intellectual (i.e. cognitive test is one test to measure this) and some kinds of mental health can be measured. “Moral Fitness,” central to our overall health and well being cannot be measured. Each person sets their beliefs, standards and values based on their own experience, conscience or a higher power that directs their thoughts, words and deeds. An out of control anger or emotional state is a sign of “moral unfitness” and lack of self respect as well.

How we share this fitness, what can be amazing power, is at the core of health and protects our relationships with one another, demonstrating respect and trust. One can run a four minute mile, run a country or be very smart without any moral aptitude, which bears destruction, confusion and dissension.

We make attempts to model morality to our children. We hope our adults can do this toward each other as importantly. In particular, and above all, our leaders and those who “earn” or take on “authority” must own and express their sense of decency and cooperation through the lens of a “moral fitness.” We are really not fit when we trivialize or ignore this basic part of our well being. That kind of ignorance of our health is only a detriment to ourselves and those around us.

How truly fit are we, in all aspects of health?

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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