2018-01-17 / Letters

Erosion, chemicals a concern

Dear Editor:

There are many reasons why I am against the pipeline being approved by the DEP. This pipeline is designated to go through our county. The installation alone will cause a significant amount of damage to habitats. For example, clearing these areas of land will expose large amounts of bare soil leading to extreme erosion and habitat destruction. Erosion causes pollution in our streams and rivers. Also with all the clearing how much of a riparian buffer will it be disturbed? Erosion isn’t even the only source of water contamination; through the process of fracking numerous undisclosed chemicals are mixed with water and sand and forced into the ground. The way that water is then removed from the ground still leaves strong traces of chemicals in the ground leading to ground water contamination. Not to mention a lot of the water is then dumped into landfills.

These are only a very small portion of the numerous problems pipelines will cause. I wrote a letter to the DEP and in my closing I wrote, “As I am a part of the upcoming generation, I would like to ask you what kind of environment will you be leaving for us to clean up? Your job is to protect the environment. You need to ask yourself, is approving a pipeline really doing your job?”

Naomi Kesecker

Berkeley Springs

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