2018-01-10 / Letters

The elephant taboo

Dear Editor:

I miss face to real face discussions on politics and religion, the usual unsanctioned no-no’s by general consensus. Somehow the “elephant in the living room.” Is it really because our listening skills, tone and polite terms have gotten so bad or even socially acceptable that we just avoid talking with one another on such matters altogether? It is when religion and politics are tainted in our dialogue by ugly words and demagoging as in tweeting and profitable book deals that we put ourselves back into the dark ages of existence.

It is not so much the conflict of ideas but how we hear views of others and how we express our own. Better to say little than to appear foolish on either side of an issue or belief. Religion and politics in their best sense, involve difficult compromises and kind words or nothing said at all. The ugliness, thoughtless sound bites from the general media frenzies the last year have taken us apart from the goodness of the human spirit, which is in us all when allowed to be. Which brings me back to religion. Most all religions, if one actually reads the tenets of many world religions, insist on those very things we rarely practice.

So folks, let’s begin to practice in the new year, the better sides of ourselves, instead wanting to be the center of attention for ourselves. We always miss the mark when we take that side.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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