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Twigg gets six months jail time for setting Green Ridge fires

by Kate Shunney

A Paw Paw man has pled guilty to setting three fires in Green Ridge State Forest last March and April while he served as a volunteer firefighter.

On December 19, Brian Chad Twigg, 20, entered a guilty plea in the Circuit Court of Allegany County to three felony counts of first degree malicious burning.

Twigg was sentenced to four years in prison on each of the three counts, but nearly all of that jail time was suspended. Twigg must serve six months in jail for each felony, but those jail sentences will run concurrently. Twigg will also serve out five years of supervised probation.

Allegany County officials said Twigg’s attorney requested jail time be served through home detention and the judge approved that request, if Twigg is found to be a suitable candidate for the alternative sentence.

Twigg was arrested in April of 2017 on nine felony charges for setting the mountain fires in Green Ridge State Forest.

He was identified as the main suspect in a series of fires on March 23, April 3 and April 10 that damaged almost 58 acres on the public land.

The Maryland Forestry Service investigated the blazes and connected sightings of Twigg’s truck to the areas that burned. Forestry Service employees also found burned flares at two of the fires.

Further investigation by Cpl. Miller pointed suspicion at Twigg, who was a volunteer firefighter. He was identified by other area firefighters as the suspected cause of the fires.

One firefighter observed that Twigg had rerouted fire units directly to Kirk Road for one of the fires even though fire trucks had been dispatched toward Greenridge Road.

While Cpl. Miller was investigating the two initial fires, a third fire was reported in Green Ridge State Forest on April 10. Forestry personnel located another flare at the point of origin of that fire, which burned close to 40 acres of the forest.

Twigg admitted during interviews with investigators that he had set the mountain fires with flares from a roadside emergency kit. He told them he had done it because he was bored and it gave him something to do.

In addition to serving jail time and probation, Twigg must pay $13,814 in restitution in the case.

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there had been some

there had been some suspicious fires a few years ago in Magnolia area 8 yrs ago .one has to wonder when this young man may have started this activity.