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Reps wrong on gas

Dear Editor:

Both West Virginia Senator Charles Trump and Legislator Daryl Cowles were roundly booed at the recent Hancock hearing on TransCanada’s proposed fracked-gas pipeline under the Potomac River. Their weak arguments were unacceptable because the crowd knew better.

TransCanada’s frontman made a boilerplate presentation about the company’s supposedly great safety record and was heartily laughed down because — once again — the audience knew better.

In sharp contrast, dozens of speakers were met with loud approval. They were against fracking, against another fracked-gas pipeline, against people’s land being taken by eminent domain, and for the preservation of clean water and the environment — because they knew better.

One has to wonder, what are our elected representatives thinking? Are they delusional in the face of known realities that can be easily projected into an almost certain future?

According to John Hussman of Hussman Funds, “[Financial] delusions are often viewed as reflecting some deficiency in reasoning ability. [However], the problem isn’t that logic or reason has failed, but that the inputs have been distorted, [and] careful data gathering is replaced by a tendency to confuse temporary factors for fundamental underpinnings.”

We should give Trump and Cowles some benefit of the doubt; but are they so misinformed that both believe the mantra: “fracked gas (a speculative bubble) will save West Virginia?”

Hussman believes that speculative bubbles provide self-reinforcing feedbacks. Specifically, “speculative behavior... encourage[s] even greater speculation...until finally the flapping wings of a butterfly become sufficient to provoke a collapse, launching a self-reinforcing feedback loop in the opposite direction.”

The fracking bubble “Ponzi Scheme” is nearing its own collapse, as has been well-documented in the Srocco Report: “The critical factor overlooked...is the fact that the U.S. Shale Industry is swindling and stealing energy from other areas to stay alive.”

Not only is the U.S. Shale Industry $212 billion in debt, but “[it takes] more energy to produce [that] oil and gas than we get from it in the first place.”

This is the perfect example of failing EROI (Energy Returned On Investment) forcing an industry to cannibalize itself (and the public) to keep from going bankrupt. At some point, the shale energy industry will collapse upon itself, leaving one hell of a mess behind. While it’s hard to predict the timing of the event, it will likely occur within the next two-five years.

John C. Webster

New Hope

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You can not trust these guys

You can not trust these guys or just about any politician anymore...Indeed, remember in nov.

I'd love to know if Charles

I'd love to know if Charles and Daryl visited ANY of the people whose land is being stolen from them. Probably not. Do politicians ever worry about the actual people they're effecting with their stupid laws? Charles Trump has sponsored or supported bills that favor the gas industry, most notably the one that allows the companies to pass on the cost of these "infrastructure improvements" onto the consumer. Let's not forget about the one Craig Blair sponsored that would've allowed gas company employees on your land despite your refusal to allow it. And the one Charles Trump sponsored that would allow a gas company to take your land if a certain majority of landowners adjacent to the property had surrendered theirs - THIS after he told me at the beginning of the legislative session that he didn't see the Forced Pooling issue coming up. HA. Who can trust these guys? REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.