2018-01-03 / Letters

Lopsided politics

Dear Editor:

This new change in tax structure has both good and bad in it but what really scares this writer is the coming backlash should democrats gain substantial control of both houses of Congress.

The temptation to pay back for all the repealing of previous administrations record, including now this tax revision, can leave us in a decade long economic mess.

What we’ve been having is lopsided politics. Each extreme position is equally damaging to our Republic. What is best is when both DEM and GOP are fairly evenly matched. It forces open and fair discussion of issues seeking compromise. The theory being we gain best of both viewpoints merged into legislation which benefits the nation as a whole.

Ramming the Affordable Care Act in its present form was as wrong as ramming this tax revision. Having both parties uncooperative hurts all of us and leaves us with improper representation. That is the real danger to our Republic.

I want to add shame on us if foreigners have been able to influence our political choices. The blame really rests with the voters. We ought to be wiser to such trickery.

George Miller, Sr.


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