2017-12-20 / What's Happening

Warm Springs Watershed Association receives grant

The Warm Springs Watershed Association has received a Two Rivers Giving Circle Fund grant in the amount of $500 from the Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation (EWVCF). Betty Lou Harmison, the EWVCF 2017 Conservationist/ Preservationist of the Year, recommended that the grant, which was given in her honor, be given to WSWA. Harmison is the Vice-President of the Board of Directors of the watershed association.

The Eastern West Virginia Community Foundation, which was established in 1995, manages more than 220 endowed funds with assets of just over $22 million. EWVCF is the leading steward of philanthropic giving, connecting donors with community needs to improve the quality of life for all people in the eastern part of the state.

The mission of the Warm Springs Watershed Association is to restore, protect and preserve the Warm Springs Run, an 11.9-mile long nonnavigable stream that runs parallel to U.S. Route 522 on its way to the Potomac River.

Recent efforts to fulfill the WSWA mission include installing a rain garden in Greenway Cemetery and planting 42 trees in various locations in the watershed. Both green stormwater bestmanagement practices help to capture and slow stormwater runoff, which helps to keep the stream cleaner while reducing the severity of flooding.

The Two Rivers Giving Circle has awarded two additional grants to WSWA. The then recently established watershed association used grant funds to produce brochures explaining the mission of WSWA. More recently grant funds were used to create kiosks for the Widmyer wetlands to explain the importance of wetlands.

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