2017-12-20 / Opinions

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all

Sit back with your favorite warm drink and enjoy this – our special Christmas issue. It is packed with stories and poems and letters about winter and the holidays. Morgan County kids in first through fifth grade penned the jolly tidbits. They’re the experts on the subject, after all. Take time to explore what they have to say…you’re in for a treat.

Readers will notice that the front page is filled with a festive nod to the season. For those of you itching for the headline news, flip to the back page, where our news stories start.

Inside, don’t miss the many expressions of good will and thanks from local businesses, expressing their gratitude for all your support in 2017 and their wishes for a happy, healthy 2018.

We echo their sentiments. Your readership is our finest gift each year. Whether you’ve been subscribing for 70 years or just started the paper this year, we’re grateful to have you with us and will continue to work in 2018 to earn and keep your trust.

As has been our custom for many decades, The Morgan Messenger will not print a weekly edition between Christmas and New Years. The pause between papers is meant to give our staff a chance to enjoy more time with their kids and families over the holiday season. There may be new sleds to break in, after all.

When you don’t receive the December 27 edition, don’t fret. We’ll be back in print on January 3, with highlights of 2017 and a look into what 2018 may hold.

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