2017-12-20 / Letters

Step up & make repairs

Dear Editor:

For the past two years, I have sat quietly listening to the debate over what to do with the Community Service building on Green Street. The focus is always on the aging building with very little emphasis given to the services provided by the non-profits currently occupying the building — the Boys and Girls Club, Starting Points and Mealtime Kitchen. The programs provided by these organizations are a necessity to the children and families they serve. Closing the building without finding alternative affordable housing for these programs is unthinkable.

Unfortunately, closing the building, selling the property or passing the buck is exactly what the Commission is proposing. After 40 years of providing housing for various community organizations, the building is in dire need of expensive repairs including a new roof. Instead of stepping up and making the repairs, the Commission originally attempted to push the costly repairs onto the backs of the non-profits by offering to “give” them the building. None of the groups have the ability to take on the maintenance of the aging building.

Last week’s front page article in The Morgan Messenger was more of the same. This time the Commission would like to unload the building and the fate of its occupants onto the Board of Education. They don’t want it either. It’s time for the Commission to step up and find the funding to make the repairs themselves. No, it isn’t required by the West Virginia Code but compassion for those among us who benefit from the services provided by Starting Points, Mealtime Kitchen and the Boys and Girls Club should make it the right thing to do. If you believe, as I do, that these non-profits make a difference in our community, contact the commission with your concerns. Let them know that throwing these organizations out on the street is not an option.

Brenda Hutchinson

Great Cacapon

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