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Why hurry tax bill?

Dear Editor:

My mother used to wash my mouth out with Octagon soap when I told a fib, and it looks like a lot of fibbing is going on now in our politics. But how can the average citizen find the truth about the tax legislation currently being considered by the U.S. Congress?

Sponsors and supporters of this legislation claim that giving huge tax breaks to corporations and big business will stimulate the economy, create jobs, and inspire these businesses to boost wages for their employees. Those who deplore the legislation claim that most CEOs have already said that they will increase profits only for investors.

Legislators backing the bills say that the $1.4 trillion deficit created over the next 10 years can be totally paid down by this boost to the economy. Opponents deny this, and say that “trickle-down” economics has never worked.

We are assaulted with “spin” as liberals/progressives and conservatives/right-leaners move farther apart, with each side citing its own facts. We are told that we will know what’s in the bill when it is passed. But we have some clues:

—It does seem to be a fact that in order to cut corporate taxes from 35 to 20%, $25 billion will be taken from Medicare and Medicaid.

—It does seem to be a fact that tax cuts for individuals will expire in five years, but the corporate cuts will be permanent.

—It does seem to be a fact that many deductions that we have long taken for granted — deductions for state and local property taxes and for high medical expenses, for example — will be lost.

—It does seem to be a fact that tuition for private schools has a tax advantage and home schooling can be deducted, even as interest on student loans for higher education or teachers’ outlay on school supplies cannot be deducted.

—It does seem there is no money for the CHIP (Children’s Insurance Program) that helps nine million low-income children.

These and other provisions change almost daily, if not hourly. Our senators and representatives have had little time to read, let alone hold public hearings on, complex legislation that will impact every man, woman, and child in the United States for years to come.

Why the hurry? That is a question every citizen of this country needs to ask.

Ryland Swain

Sleepy Creek

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Ryland Swain : why are we

Ryland Swain : why are we about to buy something we know so little about ? we demand better at a grocery store or any minor purchase . look at buying a home . the inspection counts for everything . yet this national issue gets a wink and nod . we are told we will learn to love it once it is passed and signed into law... wonder if they thought to make Trump a President for life as part of the deal ? just a sarcastic idea i am throwing out . we all should love what ever this pig in a poke is.