2017-12-06 / Opinions

Wow – what spirit!

Downtown Berkeley Springs was a picture of holiday cheer this past weekend – complete with sidewalks bustling with visitors and locals. This year, a legion of volunteers, town officials and business people created a sense of Christmas magic that truly stands out.

The Town of Bath and Chamber of Commerce pulled off a festive win when they asked businesses and groups to decorate all of the town’s parking meters. The results are clever, creative, funny, eye-catching and full of spirit. All week, we’ve seen people stop to take pictures of dozens of the meters, which are mini-artworks. Selfies are popular at the set of angel wings that grace the entrance to Berkeley Springs State Park, with the plastic cup snowman, and many other surprising figures along the street.

Saturday’s second annual Winter Fest parade capped off the energy with floats and music, tree lighting in the square and carols in the park.

The excitement created by decorations, events and public art isn’t just great for the spirit – it also lets travelers know this is a great place to stop and explore.

A great deal of work went into all of the elements of this past week’s holiday kick-off -- from the town Christmas committee’s long efforts to restore the town’s decorations to art teachers leading students in making new ornaments for downtown trees. All of the people who added to the effort – and there were lots of them -- deserve recognition, and our thanks. They have created the finest display of Morgan County holiday spirit in recent memory – one we’ll all continue to enjoy in the weeks ahead.

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