2017-12-06 / News

Trends for 2018 lecture

Jeanne Mozier will deliver a lecture exploring trends in the year to come on Thursday, December 14 at 7 p.m. Entitled “The Beginning of the End," the 90 minute lecture outlines the timing of the upcoming period of austerity and control as well as indicating the few bright spots for moving forward. Hear how and when these energies influence trends in economics, politics, relationships, fashion, health and learn how to be prepared.

The talk will be held at the Star Theatre and is open to the public.

Mozier has been delivering prediction lectures each year in locations around the eastern United States since 1977.

The talk in Berkeley Springs includes a look at the year ahead for West Virginia as well as both Morgan County and Berkeley Springs. Although based on astrological patterns, Mozier's lectures also draws on both her academic training at Cornell and Columbia universities and background as a trends analyst for the Central Intelligence Agency.

"Many analysts can look at data collected from various sources and deliver general trends predictions," said Mozier. "Only the system used by astrology allows for timing of a future event down to the day."

No knowledge of astrology is needed to understand and use the information presented in the talk. For more information, contact star@starwv.com.

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