2017-12-06 / Letters

Donations fund humane programs

Dear Editor:

At the Humane Society of Morgan County, we provide shelter, food and medical care to unwanted dogs and cats, and work to find loving homes for each of them. We do this because we are committed not only to the animals we serve but to the residents of Morgan County. We work hard to accommodate, when possible, folks who can no longer keep their animals for whatever the reason.

For the last year and a half, thanks to a generous donation from the estate of Debbie and Dan Zimmerman, we were able to provide a free Trap Neuter and Release program aimed at decreasing our county’s feral cat population. In addition, this donated money provided up to $100 per animal to help residents spay or neuter their pets. Almost a thousand Morgan County cats and dogs were spayed or neutered through these programs.

Large donations like this one make it easy for us to provide a great animal related community program like the one just mentioned. But it is the monthly donation we depend on the most to help keep this shelter viable and able to serve the community. We are a 501c3 non-profit no-kill animal shelter and receive no funding from state or county. The ability to keep up with veterinary expenses, heat and electric, insurance, testing supplies, vaccinations and food for the animals is becoming more of a challenge.

While one-time donations are always appreciated, regular monthly donations can provide us with ongoing day to day support. We have no expectations, only gratitude and appreciation for any support one can give. As always, any donation is a tax deduction. We hope residents act on our plea so that we can continue serving the animals and residents of Morgan County.

Pamela Farnham

President HSMC

Berkeley Springs

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