2017-11-29 / Opinions

Five reasons to keep shopping local

We know you’ve already started shopping. But with two weeks until Hanukkah and a little less than a month left before Christmas, there are still gifts to find. As we have since the 1890’s, we urge all our readers to shop in our local stores. “Small Business Saturday” has become a great brand, putting a spotlight on the shops, artisans, restaurants and service companies in each community. But it’s more than a one-day thing.

Shop here in Morgan County for these five reasons:

1) You’ll be a gift superstar. Stores around the county have wonderful items, from practical tools and gear to handmade art found nowhere else. Undecided? Gift certificates are great, and will convince your Aunt Linda to come to town more often.

2) You’ll have fun shopping. Less driving means more time to explore what local shops have to offer. Plus, you’ll wind up visiting with friends and neighbors along the way – the true spirit of the season.

3) You’ll support the people who support you. Local merchants donate and share their talents all over the place, all through the year. They hang up community fliers in their shop windows, give prizes for local fundraisers, sponsor sports teams, employ local people, and pay local taxes. Show them you appreciate their presence by going to them for your presents.

4) Local shops have candy and cookies. We’re not saying where…find out on your own.

5) We need our local businesses. Strong communities thrive when there are places to get what we need on a daily basis. When we all patronize our local stores and businesses, they stay open, hire people and grow. That’s a gift to us all, throughout the year.

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