2017-11-22 / Letters

Show compassion for homeless

Dear Editor:

This is a very difficult letter for me to write, because it is so personal. I find myself horrified at the comments of Peggy Miller and the person who assumed that the homeless don’t want to pay rent.

I am a mother of a homeless person who passed away 14 years ago November 20. He could come home to me. I often paid rent for him in an apartment. He was, however, schizophrenic and would become paranoid and fearful of his surroundings quickly. Our mental health and insurance system is such that he was never hospitalized more than two weeks before his insurance forced him out in the streets. He was never stabilized. He was not a drug addict, a criminal, or a lazy person. He had some college. He tried to work doing day labor. He was just disabled. My son, Kelly, was one of the most loving and caring people you would care to meet. He would give his coat away to someone he felt needed it more. He shared whatever food or money he had. I would have to go into the streets of San Antonio to bring him warm clothes and food and beg him to come home. He was scared of judgmental neighbors, so he wouldn’t come. On cold nights he would turn to the Salvation Army for a warm meal and a place to sleep. I was grateful for them. I miss my son every day.

Show compassion for the homeless by supporting the churches in this effort. The shelter will only improve us as a community by allowing us to pull together in this effort.

Siri Sophar

Berkeley Springs

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