2017-11-22 / Letters

Proud of coalition

Dear Editor:

When I was looking at a place for a nice retirement home, Berkeley Springs was shown to me by some friends who had a home here. My son was two when we came to the second Apple Butter Festival back in the 1970s. I really loved the scenery, how beautiful the land was, but most especially, the strong sense of community and responsibility. It might seem funny, but it was at the Food Lion where I saw this first hand. A teacher ran into a student and his father — right away, you could tell how caring both teacher and parent were, and how united they were in making sure that boy did what he should. That image stuck with me.

So I made the decision to build a home here and have not regretted it. For about 20 years, I come here and feel refreshed, and would go back to work, invigorated by nature but also feeling good about being part of a place where you knew people and families. When I read the article about people pushing back on a shelter for 12 people — who would otherwise sleep outside in the really freezing weather — I was just gob-smacked.

It’s just not possible to go to church, profess to be a Christian, and then reject kindness, reject caring for those with less and those in need. Frankly, I was amazed that anyone would actually stand up in public and say those things.

The Morgan County Homeless Coalition should make us proud of our community — they saw a problem and took action to solve it. They didn’t think “someone else will do something.” I’m so proud of them and they can count on my support.

Nancy Hutchin

Berkeley Springs

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