2017-11-22 / Front Page

Sheriff’s Dept. equips deputies with new body cameras

by Kate Shunney

As of last Wednesday, all patrol officers with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department will now wear body cameras, Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said in a press release on Monday.

On November 15, officers were issued the cameras, which Bohrer said are “state of the art.” They replace a set of cameras that he had purchased earlier this year.

“They proved to be plagued with problems so I then demanded a refund,” he said. These new cameras, made by the Axon company, are the “best of the best,” Bohrer said.

The new body-worn cameras will be on the deputies at all times and record constantly. When the camera is placed in its charging unit, the system automatically downloads the video and audio information that has been recorded. Only a system administrator can delete the recordings, Bohrer said.

“These systems have proven themselves for many years to accurately depict interactions between police officers and the public during arrests, use of force incidents, and evidence gathering. Video evidence has been proven to minimize liability issues for police and provide accurate evidence in court room prosecutions,” the Sheriff said.

“I am very happy we were able to provide these systems to our officers to help ensure our officer’s safety and accurately document incidents on video and audio,” said Bohrer.

The body cameras were paid for through the department’s forfeiture and concealed weapon accounts, since the purchase wasn’t in the department’s budget. In all, 11 cameras were purchased for all of the deputies.

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