2017-11-15 / School News

Morgan County Chapter of Read Aloud WV

In West Virginia 70% of fourth grade school children are not proficient in reading. Children say reading is difficult. Can anything change this literacy climate?

One of the strategies Morgan County Schools participates in is “Read Aloud West Virginia.” Schools in Morgan County welcome community members to volunteer to read aloud to students for 15-30 minutes once a week or two times per month depending on scheduling. This allows children to have good reading models from the community who are not teachers. These readers are tasked with providing an enjoyable reading experience. The readers develop an uplifting "bonding” and “connection” with the students.

The Morgan County Chapter of Read Aloud WV is already in place for Morgan County Schools 2017-2018 school year with over 100 volunteer readers trained.

The training provides an orientation for volunteer Read Aloud readers to help them understand the program and how to select books for Read Aloud purposes.

All readers attend a one hour and a half orientation session before being certified to enter the classroom.

The orientation provides volunteers with an overview of the organization they are joining and provides specific information designed to improve the quality of the classroom experience for both the reader and students.

The orientation better equips volunteers to serve as community “ambassadors” for the Read Aloud program to the community.

“Read Aloud West Virginia” is committed to motivating children to want to read. Read Aloud volunteers serve as personal “commercials” for reading. The excitement generated can lead reluctant readers to work to improve their own reading skills.

Become a volunteer for the Read Aloud program in Morgan County Schools or join the Read Aloud Board.

Contact Kandy Kulus or Candy Chamberlin at 304- 258-2430 ext. 2029 or kku lus@k12.wv.us or candy. chamberlin@k12.wv.us.

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