2017-11-08 / Letters

Time to heal

Dear Editor:

I went to Senator Manchin’s town hall meeting and was impressed. He made three stops that day to speak with his constituents.

Many topics were discussed but my passion is healing the people of our nation by combating the drug epidemic. I support Senator Manchin’s second chance bill which helps a recovered addict who has stayed clean for two years or longer to have their criminal record expunged if they did not commit a violent crime. This bill does have to be tweaked.

The question I had for Senator Manchin: “How do we better protect our children and seniors from the drug addicts?” Children from the age of two years to 12 are being pimped out by their parents to support their drug habit. Seniors are being manipulated and losing their life savings to a family addict or hired caregiver. Infants are being raped, murdered and starved. The consequence later on in the child’s life, will be having severe mental health problems and probably turn to a life of prostitution, crime and or becoming an addict. Help is needed for them when they are saved.

Senator Manchin along with myself were surprised what a woman said about a court order and the property taken to build the gas pipe line. I spoke out of line, and directed the question to your state legislator Charles Trump. Trump is an attorney. Did he have an open door policy for those who are confused about their court order or the contract which needed to be signed for the gas company? Did he or the County Commissioners have a representative from the gas company and hold a meeting for all those who will be affected? Should West Virginia address a better open door policy for citizens or issues on any changes which will affect them or issues?

I left the Town Hall meeting feeling very satisfied. Senator Manchin is doing what he can to help those who need to be helped.

I give back to my community whether it is being a Guardian Ad Litem, an end of life caregiver and a volunteer for the Sheriff’s Department.

We need to stop putting a band aid on the wounds of America and start the process of applying the pressure on the wounds which are bleeding profusely.

My slogan for this coming election. A time to heal.

Elizabeth M. Sullivan

Paw Paw

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