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Good & bad in both parties

Dear Editor:

I read with interest the November 1 editorial entitled “Deep in the Swamp,” which discussed the criminal indictment of Paul Manafort and Richard Gates. They are accused of hiding [millions] from being taxed. The editorial went on to say that “Truth is, hiding money from being taxed is a rich man’s game — one that doesn’t surprise your average working person much.” The article backed that sentence up by saying that when the president campaigned, he said “...it’s a sign of smarts to win that game.” If I remember what sparked those words by the President, it was when his tax return (from several years ago) was dug up in an attempt to accuse him of dodging taxes by using loopholes. Most of us would agree that, if there is a loophole in the tax system that would allow us to avoid even $25 in taxes, we would most likely take advantage of it.

The swamp is, indeed, deep, dirty and smelly. And let’s face it: there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans. There are good and bad in each party. In 2010, our former president approved the sale of 20% of America’s uranium extraction. After months of reporting degrading details of a so-called Russian dossier against Trump, on October 25, in response to a Washington Post article, CNN reported that the dossier on our president was phony, paid for by Republican foes of candidate Trump, then ultimately, paid for by the president’s former opponent/DNC. In my opinion, yes, our current president leaves a lot to be desired, and for sure, he is no angel. But he has been trying to do what he promised his voters he would do. I cannot imagine the alternative in the Oval Office.

Our congressional representatives are supposed to be our leaders — role models for our kids. Not happening. Imagine, if only Democrats and Republicans would put aside their individual agendas and do what is right for America. Through constitutional electoral vote, Americans gave their representatives a mandate as to what they felt was needed. Imagine: if we behaved like American brothers and sisters, rather than like opponents who cannot/will not come together for common good, what an enlightenment it would be.

My personal opinion: we need to let God into our lives...somehow, we have left him behind.

Cat Hutton

Berkeley Springs

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there is a old saying the

there is a old saying the people get the leaders they deserve . i don't rightly know about that but just maybe the upheaval that is taking place will lead to positive outcome. like pulling off a old bandage from a once healed wound .. you get some pain and torn skin out of the deal but the result is new healing and feeling better afterwards.