2017-11-01 / Letters

Speed destroys sense

Dear Editor:

In today’s health advertising cult, particularly, we all want a quick remedy for all our ills, aches and pains as well as unforeseen tragedies. The faster and sooner we come up with a perfect remedy, the greater possibility to alleviate frustration and fear of the unknown. We look for the latest gig...a better pill...a bigger car, truck or gun...a faster way to educate...a newer iphone 6...speedy news flashes...or...a quick rationale for self indulgence of anything. Of course, all these things will insure that we are either smart, immortal and/or always right. As if there were some instant magic one can invent in our short lifetimes to save ourselves from natural or our own man-made tragedies through eons of time.

The desire of something that seems great and good for us, many times is not. Worse yet, when we seek or crave immediate solutions to problems of every sort, we may unknowingly injure or cheat others in the process. Case in point, after many years of misuse and misregulation of drugs and guns in this country, we suffer the consequences at our own hands (ie, highest domestic per capita assault cases in the world and, statistically, quick trafficking by professionals of drugs is close behind). We like to say, all this is perpetrated by “crazy” people. (By the way, the real news is, we will always have the mentally unfit crazy minds among us.)

It is not that the need of these commodities are bad, it is the “speed” that anoints the idea we must have solutions now, as to eliminate all mysteries in our lives. When good common sense does not prevail for the better, of what we do know, given kinder thought processes and discipline, the elephant (deceptively speedy) in the living room lives on, as a destroyer of human sensibilities.

Let us, as models of our own generation, become just a little wiser to make things just a little better, for the sake of generations that follow us.

Joanne Tomasello

Berkeley Springs

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