2017-11-01 / Letters

Request MARC train service

Dear Editor:

I realize this has been talked about before but perhaps it is time for Berkeley Springs, West Virginia and Hancock, Md. to put their heads together and make a joint request for this service since the tracks and trains come to Martinsburg, West Virginia and occasionally park in Hancock, West Virginia.

Benefits would include: Economic gains for our area and D.C.; slight fare increase (determined by MARC officials) to Hancock, WV; more personnel traffic = more ridership for rail service; increased real estate values; joint venture across state lines. Costs are minimal since tracks, trains and buildings are already here.

Your ideas?

Frank J. Subasic, Sr.

Berkeley Springs

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Anything which augments

Anything which augments public transportation can potentially both reduce automotive congestion (pollution) and increase economic values. With the completion particularly of the Coolfont renovations, a MARC Train service would be of great value in Morgan County.