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Police investigating human remains found in woods

Kate Shunney

Area police are closing off and preparing to comb a wooded hillside in Berkeley Springs this evening following the discovery of human remains there around 4 p.m.

Morgan County’s Medical Examiner arrived on the scene shortly after 5:30 p.m.  Deputy Reserves are posted around the scene as well.

Morgan County Sheriff K.C. Bohrer said a man who was walking his dog along Golden Lane this afternoon called 911 after coming across a skull and some bones.  He said the man didn’t know if the bones were real or a Halloween prank.

Yellow flags mark the area where the remains were found, and investigators are focusing on that wooded area behind an occupied home located in the 600 block of Martinsburg Road.

 Sheriff Bohrer said based on his experience, the human skeletal remains appear to have been in the location for at least a year. Clothing was also found with the remains. Bohrer said the body appears to be that of a male. He has requested additional crime scene resources, including a cadaver dog to help recover all of the skeletal remains and any crime scene evidence. Bohrer said the fall leaves are obscuring some of the remains.

 Investigators are also researching information about anyone who has been reported missing recently in the area, said Bohrer.

Deputies with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, a West Virginia State Police trooper and the Berkeley Springs’ police chief are on the scene assisting with the investigation. Sheriff Bohrer said he expects officers to be processing evidence for several hours as additional lighting and resources arrive on the scene.

 This is a developing story.


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cause of death is going to

cause of death is going to be very challenging . the same forensics used with the burned remains found down by Potomac River years ago where very little was left of the victim this case has wildlife interacting with the body .