2017-10-25 / Opinions

Farewell to a master storyteller

John Douglas, who spent the better part of four decades shaping this newspaper, was one of a kind. His death leaves a big hole in the lives of his family, friends and the community. John witnessed and recorded the worst events in Morgan County’s recent history – criminal rampages, destructive floods, deeply divisive issues for the community. But he also illuminated some of the best moments in the pages of this paper – rescues, celebrations, efforts to make this place better. As a result, John was the author of one of the most enduring records of this community.

John loved local history and sought out people who knew about the deep pockets of community life spread across the county. He rode as many back roads as possible and followed his curiosity, then shared his discoveries in our pages. John always instructed reporters who worked for him that every article – even the most mundane town council meeting – should have a story to tell. He was a great storyteller, both on the page and in person.

There will be plenty of things we’ll miss about John – his sharp wit, generosity, deep knowledge and ability to get to the heart of a matter. But mostly we’ll miss his stories of this place and its people. We know he had plenty more to tell.

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