2017-10-25 / Letters

Hands across the Potomac

Dear Editor:

Saturday, October 14 was a heartwarming sight. There was a meeting at Shepherd University. People from West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland were there to protest the Mountaineer Gas Company pipeline. There were a total of 352 people that attended the peaceful protest. We joined hands on the bridge from Shepherdstown across the Potomac River bridge to the Sharpsburg, Md. side. It was a beautiful sight to see all the people wanting the same outcome, the pipeline to be stopped.

Eminent domain gave them the right to come on our property but not the right to dictate to us. I thought we had rights on our land. It is just like criminals and victims. Victims have no rights, but heaven forbid you got to make sure criminals have all their rights protected.

Why should we have to continue to pay property tax on property, but they own the 50 foot right away across our land? Then they expect us to pay for damages to their pipeline if it gets damaged trying to maintain the land as we have been. They are the ones putting dangerous products in the ground.

This past couple of weeks kids from scouting came out to the farm for a hayride and a camp-out. They slept in tents and hiked trails. Some said that they had not seen so many beautiful fields. They couldn’t have been in such nature’s beauty. Many said they had not seen so many stars. There was no thought of any danger for them this year. What happens to their safety if the gas line is anywhere on our farm in the future? What are we going to leave for our grandkids and great-grandkids?

Another thing people have not thought about is mineral rights. My dad always taught me to make sure you hold your mineral rights. They can always come in and try to drill in your ground. They are to go down four feet on the farm. Many years ago a gas well was drilled in New Hope on the Nestor farm. The well drilling rig was old, nothing like the new rigs. There wasn’t enough for them to make it worth while.

That doesn’t mean they could try again on our lands and take more land with eminent domain.

Patricia Kesecker

Berkeley Springs

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