2017-10-25 / Letters

Blasting will affect homes

Dear Editor:

I read about the Silica meeting. Not much on the blasting getting so close to town. No help offered to people on the west side of 522 about blasting damaging our houses.

There is no way they can blast that close to town and it won’t affect most of the houses, businesses as it did before, and they were not close to town, and that blast went all the way to downtown. An alert won’t stop the severe shaking of our homes and they have offered no help if our homes are damaged. Note when our home was affected by blasts near the plant a few years ago. To say it wasn’t bad is not true. I was walking across the floor and almost fell, it was so bad.

Let’s review: it affects the water, houses, cars stopped in road, businesses shake and it makes the hills into Berkeley Springs look bad, when people want to see Berkeley Springs they have read about. But all they think about is money, never the town and people of Berkeley Springs. Anyone want to buy a house that will shake, rattle and possibly roll? I came from a state that does not let companies get away with that. They must offer to buy land that is affected, and pay higher prices than the home, because it becomes business property.

Virginia Gabbert

Berkeley Springs

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