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Support vets, not tree

Dear Editor:

I respect Mrs. Crawfords opinion about the tree in question but she should know that eventually, like the many veterans who died to allow her to have an opinion, the tree will also die.

The tree is nice where it is but as we learn in life we all have to make sacrifices.

Americans have fought for freedom since the 1770s and most have been honored with some type of memorial for their sacrifices. One tree should not be a problem.

When I moved here from New York a few years ago to settle in this beautiful area there seemed to be much opposition towards a memorial for the Vietnam veterans.

They faced enough disrespect when they came home. They should be honored by the people they fought for. As I understand there are more than 300 service personnel listed as KIA from West Virginia.

Most small towns in the state have honored their Vietnam veterans. Our town should do the same and quit bickering amongst themselves.

Support them and forget about the tree.

John J. Z. Webster


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why not incorporate the

why not incorporate the tree into the memorial . I do not see that it should be a insurmountable problem .I volunteered for the draft and stepped forward during my taking the oath on March 5th 1968 . I wanted to learn for myself what Vietnam issue was all about. . I did not seek deferment or flee to Canada but proudly stepped forward and now this is my opinion on the memorial.